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Your animals are a part of your family. At Fannett Veterinary Clinic,  we have the knowledge to take care of the important members of your family. Come to our veterinary clinic for help.

Veterinary technicians at our all 3 locations are very knowledgeable. If you need help that you can depend on, come to our clinic. We will give your pet proper aid.  


Do you have problem in bringing your large animal, such as cattle, to us? Don't worry! We can come to you. Contact us and schedule an appointment with us.

Use our clinic for 4-legged family members

Get proper health care for your beautiful animals.

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Equine clinic

We care for your pets


Horses are large and beautiful animals that require proper care. We have a clinic that aids your horses health needs.  

Everyone in your home is important, whether its your small cats, dogs, or ferrets. Bring your animals to us for  checkup or emergency care.

If your animal needs medication, we can offer exactly what you need to keep your animal healthy.